Joining the P9 Family Summit tomorrow

Point Nine (P9) is an early-stage venture capital firm I've been following for a while. Almost exactly two years to be precise. I was in Dublin for SaaStock 2018, in, well, 2018, and I met one of their partners, Louis Coppey. It's entirely possible (indeed likely) that he doesn't remember me, but our brief conversation [...]

Why I won’t be watching the new Attenborough film on Netflix

I won't be watching Attenborough's A Life On Our Planet any time soon. Not because I disagree with it or it's premise. Neither is it because I dislike David Attenborough — on the contrary, I love him and what he stands for. But I don't need to watch it. Our environment is, to use the [...]

Podcast Series 1 Round-up and Series 2 Launch

Originally published on the Fatal Error website. When you get right down to it, I had no business starting a podcast. Especially one about climate change. I’m neither famous, nor particularly great at public speaking, and in the grand scheme of things know precious little about the climate emergency. But instead of worry about it, [...]

The Work-From-Home Snatch and Grab is Distasteful

In the midst of the global COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak we're living through, a number of companies and individuals are having to contend with working from home for the first time. Referred to by most of us as remote, or distributed, work. For most this is not by choice, and for many this is actually against [...]

My Conversation with Rand Fishkin on the Climate Emergency

tl;dr: click here to listen to the episode A while back when I first had the idea for this podcast I made a list of potential guests. I put Rand Fishkin — founder of Moz and SparkToro — on the list because he's, well, famous. But not knowing him personally at all he was in [...]

Introducing a new side-project: Fatal Error (a podcast).

Tl;dr: head over to to subscribe for episode releases and updates. I spent a large portion of last year learning about climate change and the challenges it poses.When you get stuck into this topic it's very easy to go down a rabbit hole of anxiety, leaving you feeling disempowered and possibly rather stressed.So in [...]

Free CV Template for 2019: The one-page resumé template that (still) doesn’t suck.

My old post A CV Template That Doesn't Suck is still one of the most popular ones. And it totally makes sense given how many crappy CVs I've had the misfortune of receiving over the past few years. People invariably know, deep down, two things: A sucky CV doesn't get you interviews Your CV probably sucks [...]

Farewell Automattic. Hello

Just over four years ago I was lucky enough to get a gig at Automattic, a company I had long admired. The last four years have been a rollercoaster of travel, learning, and working with world-class people and entrepreneurs as I worked to improve and grow Jetpack. It was a privilege to see the company [...]

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