Store in a cool, dry place. (Or has TechCrunch lost its crunch?)

I’ve been a fan of TechCrunch for a long time. More specifically, since around mid-2006 I’ve read TechCrunch every day. I’ve found it to be a surprisingly sad experience watching the TechCrunch drama unfold and the company unravel over the last few months. Its been a little bit like watching a close friend go through a terrible […]

My coolest #BOS2011 takeaway: “stattys”

Alex Osterwalder spoke to us about business model generation at Business of Software last week. We also got a complimentary copy of his book in the swag bag which I’d definitely recommend getting a copy of. During his session he gave us some practical work to do in pairs and for doing so he distributed […]

Innovating meanings at Business of Software

So I’ve been reading a book called Design-Driven Innovation by Roberto Verganti. It’s a good book although, as is wont by [Insert University Name Here] Press hard-covers, longer and preachier than absolutely necessary. It tackles the topic of innovation through design that in a world of “Agile” and “Lean” we hear little about. I’d summarize it […]

The price of “Free”

In my last post I promised that I’d elaborate on why I think “Free” is a flawed and misunderstood business model. This is that post. It’s a topic I’ve been meaning to write about for a while now; ever since I read Chris Anderson’s book Free around two years ago in fact. My contention is that […]

Repeat after me: “It’s not a bubble”

Questions are starting to be asked seriously about whether we’re in the middle of a second internet bubble. Some say No: PwC, Fred Wilson, Sarah Lacy and Paul Graham strongly deny the existence of a bubble. On the other hand, some say Yes: Mike Arrington and Don Dodge think there is one. So what’s really happening. Is there or isn’t […]

Where I disagree with Alan Cooper (or why bits are no different to atoms)

Cross-posted from the Red Gate UX Blog. Alan Cooper was, and still is, one of my heroes. Reading his book The Inmates are Running the Asylum almost ten years ago was a call to arms; a rallying cry saying that design was much more than placing things nicely on a screen. There was a higher purpose. User […]

Entrepreneurship Acumen [6 of 7]: Social and Ethical

The sixth Acumen Fund question (see the first, second, third, fourth and fifth) went like this: “Please describe the role you believe social entrepreneurship plays in global development.” Entrepreneurs create and deliver value. Social entrepreneurs do the same, but they also make sure that value is distributed fairly and ethically. ‘Value’ means different things to different people.  In the standard […]

Entrepreneurship Acumen [5 of 7]: On Failure

The fifth Acumen Fund question (see the first, second, third and fourth) went like this: “We believe that learning from our mistakes and failures is an important leadership quality. Please describe a personal failure and what you have learned from it.” This is a tricky one, and much has changed since my original reply. But first, this is what […]