Air Bed and (maybe) Breakfast.

AirbedAndBreakfast is a new take on the finding-a-hotel-at-the-last-minute problem. You’ll probably pay one fourth of the price of a hotel… money that can be well spent on other necessities such as wine and cheese. And it might just be that you have more fun staying with a local than in a lonely hotel room. Isn’t […]

TicketLeap: Ticketing made easy?

Guy Kawasaki reviews TicketLeap today, a new online service that democratises ticket (to paraphrase Guy). Having an interest in the company, Guy is obviously full of praise for these guys, however it went over to to check it out for myself and it’s most definitely an ace service. Here’s a quick run-down of what […]

What’s The Fuss?

This blog is intended to be a coming-together-place of snippets, thoughts and ideas about entrepreneurship, creativity, and simplicity. The main driving topic will be early-stage entrepreneurship, or in more conventional words, “start-ups”. The terminology is important however because I take ‘early-stage entrepreneurship’ to mean something slightly different from ‘start-up’. Or rather, slightly more focused. Typically, […]