MSFT Silverlight in 140 Characters

GapingVoid asks on Twitter "Can anyone tell me, in 140 characters or less, what is "THE BIG IDEA" behind MSFT Silverlight?"Pretty good question I thought. What's the big idea behind a company like Microsoft, who's not really well known in the creative/desktop-publishing space, stepping into the highly competitive market of computer animation. A market where [...]

AllTop has all the Top Stories

Check out Proably the niftiest feed aggregator around at the moment. It's somehow powered by PopUrls but I wonder whether this is simply related to the display technology or whether the choice of what to include in the different AllTop pages is based on some PopUrls stat system (does it measure traffic?). Either way, it's definitely better than [...] is Great Fun!

Just spent a few minutes playing at which I found out about via a TechCrunch article. The service is free (for now?) and basically lets you "make over" yourself or your friends. It's extremely simple to use: you just upload a picture, point out to the software where the eyes and mouth are and [...]

Tech Questions & Answers

Thanks to Jim at EzPzApps for inviting me to answer a couple of questions about technology and creativity. You can get the full article here.I met Jim at an entrepreneurship event some years ago in Malta and I've followed some of his very interesting software projects. His most recent "ClipaSearch Pro" is definitely worth checking [...]

The importance of early-stage entrepreneurship

Early-stage entrepreneurship encompasses a spectrum of stages in the entrepreneurial life: ranging from the "idea-in-the-shower-phase" to business planning through to prototyping and launch. This period of time is crucial in the life of an entrepreneur. Not only do decisions taken at this time impact upon the eventual success potential of the start-up, but more importantly they [...]

What’s The Fuss?

This blog is intended to be a coming-together-place of snippets, thoughts and ideas about entrepreneurship, creativity, and simplicity. The main driving topic will be early-stage entrepreneurship, or in more conventional words, "start-ups". The terminology is important however because I take 'early-stage entrepreneurship' to mean something slightly different from 'start-up'. Or rather, slightly more focused. Typically, [...]

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