(Another) 200 Dead

Another shipwreck off Libya leaves around 200 dead. The most tragic and gut wrenching part of this latest event is this: The boat is believed to have capsized after migrants rushed to one side of the ship as mobile units from the Irish rescue carrier approached it. What panic and despair there must have been on that boat to [...]

A Responsible “iGaming” Company…

A responsible "iGaming" company is one that chooses to not be in business. What is permissible is not always honourable – Cicero It is impossible to live in Malta if you're involved in the software industry and not constantly run into the online betting or gaming companies – or people who work for them. A rough estimate [...]

Follow-up “right the fuck now”

Yesterday I tuned in to the Business of Software hangout with Steli Efti of Close.io who spoke about sales in startups. I hadn't really come across his stuff before so after it was done I checked out his blog and really like his post about making sure you follow-up on leads "right the fuck now" [...]

Brains, boobs and no balls: Banning Facebook doesn’t solve anything.

The Independent reports today that following ETC CEO Philip Rizzo's blatantly sexist comments on Facebook directed at one of his managers he has banned Facebook use "for senior management". The reason apparently is that according to Minister Bartolo: he is not a sexist person and that he respects his colleagues and, in fact, I think [...]

My Daughter Asleep, by David Whyte

A touching poem by David Whyte that a mere seven months ago would have been unremarkable to me yesterday left me speechless. Carrying a child, I carry a bundle of sleeping future appearances. I carry my daughter adrift on my shoulder, dreaming her slender dreams and I carry her beneath the window, watching her moon lit palm [...]

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