To My Girlfriends: How to be an Independent Woman in a Relationship

A great post by Sara on financial and emotional independence. Aimed at women in “traditional” relationships but I think also applies generally to anyone in any relationship.

If you’re happy and confident in yourself you’ll make a better partner.

When I Have Time by Sara Rosso

How to Be an Independent Woman in a Relationship - When I Have Time by Sara Rosso

I’ve been lucky to have great girlfriends in my life, many of whom have been in relationships now for a decade or more, or several relationships acrossseveral decades. They’re married, single, divorced, single mothers, married with children, married never wanting children, living with their partners, doing long distance relationships, or just doing their thing.

Each relationship is incredibly different, just like each woman is incredibly different. Talking to them through the years, however, and through my own experience, it’s become clearer to me that there are some things all women in any relationship could be doing to nourish their independence in parallel while still being committed to the relationship.

You can love wholeheartedly and also be responsible about your future. Loving and trusting someone is not mutually exclusive with investing inyourself and and enriching your independence.

And most importantly, a relationship doesn’t have to have even a hint of discord…

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Celebrating 10 Years of & Automattic

The Blog

This year marks the 10th birthday of and our parent company, Automattic. We are proud to have served this community of millions: from writers, photographers, artists, and small and large publishers, to business owners and entrepreneurs.

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Freedom of Speech at

The folks at the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) publish reports evaluating the privacy practices of various internet companies. received a perfect 5 on 5 score in their annual Who Has Your Back report as well as a perfect 5 on 5 score on the Intellectual Property Who Has Your Back report. We also note that some services have gone above and beyond the evaluation [...]

Designing for Conversion: Pocket Guide out for sale today

Almost two years ago Five Simple Steps signed me up to write a pocket guide about conversion rate optimisation. Today it went out on sale at the Five Simple Steps book store as an e-book. It's a short read (like most FSS Pocket Guides) and I'd love to hear what you think if you buy a copy.

Turning experts into beginners

That's what happens when a redesign of something is done for the sake of a redesign without real user value being created or user problems being solved. That seems to be what has happened at Optimizely today with the launch of their new "Homepage" – i.e. the page that lists all your running or paused experiments. [...]

Freedom is dead. Long live freedom.

Seth Godin today writes about Black Friday and freedom of choice. I've always hated this "holiday". Coming as it does a day after Thanksgiving it seems to me to embody everything that is diametrically opposed to the spirit of Thanksgiving: greed, wastefulness, and unthinking herd-like behavior.

Love blogging? Look behind the curtain.

Nothing to add. Great post.


I attended and spoke at WordCamp San Francisco this year, and the experience, community, content, and implications blew my mind.


Holy moly, did I ever.

I attended the technical sessions and understood, genuinely, 20% of what I heard in the weekend’s presentations. Okay, maybe 15%. I don’t know the acronyms, I don’t know the language. But I solved those small technicalities with a post-session questions to the friendly people around me. [I, in return, explained to them what recycled leather is. Misnomer. It’s upcycled leather scraps, not recycled anything. In fact, recycled leather is the plywood of fabrics. Or the Pringles of fabrics. Or…okay, that’s enough.)

More generally than not knowing the vernacular of development, though, I don’t know the thought processes behind building platforms and plugins. I’ve never thought about the structure on which my blogs reside.

Have you?

There’s the base structure of the web, of content management…

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Red Gate refines its focus

I was glad to read yesterday that Red Gate has announced a full focus on "Database Lifecycle Management." Before I joined Automattic, I worked at Red Gate for a good few years and in the last couple of years I was there the company experimented a lot with different business models and products in the face [...]

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