Farewell Automattic. Hello Close.io.

Just over four years ago I was lucky enough to get a gig at Automattic, a company I had long admired.

The last four years have been a rollercoaster of travel, learning, and working with world-class people and entrepreneurs as I worked to improve and grow Jetpack.

It was a privilege to see the company grow from ~200 to 700+ people (all remote!), get to know world-class people like Matt MullenwegToni SchneiderJohn Maeda, and work alongside some of the best people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with including Jesse Friedman, Anthony Bubel, Sam Hotchkiss, George StephanisJames Grierson and way too many more to list.

I’m now even luckier to be joining Close.io (also remote!) as Director of Marketing with the opportunity of helping this vibrant organisation grow as well as the opportunity of learning a raft of new things myself.

Incidentally, both organisations are hiring (Automattic, Close.io) and I’m proud to recommend both of them if you’re on the hunt for a rewarding and remote position.

Farewell Red Gate. Hello Automattic.

About 4 and a half years ago I was offered a job at a company I’d never heard of called Red Gate. I took it and soon found out that I’d been lucky enough to join a company that’s literally one of the best software companies to work for in the UK. As a bonus, Red Gate is based in the best place to live in the UK: Cambridge.

What I’m trying to say is that all in all it’s been a really great 4 and a half years. If you’re looking for a software job in the UK you’d be hard pressed to do better than Red Gate. Additionally I’ve been lucky enough to have done a wide variety of jobs there including web design, product design, team lead, head of UX, programme and project management and generally being a pain in the ass.

But now its time to move on. Late last year my (significantly) better half and I moved back to Malta (the place with 3K+ hours of sunshine a year!) and the next two weeks will be my last at Red Gate. Then, in mid-March I’ll be joining Automattic, the folks who make WordPress. As far as I can tell, it’ll be an even more awesome place to work. I plan to find time to write about my experience working there in the coming months.

So thank you for putting up with me Red Gate and farewell, I have a hunch we’ll meet again.

Hello Howdy Automattic, I’m looking forward to getting to know you :-)

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