Entrepreneurship Acumen [4 of 7]: Stubborn

The fourth Acumen Fund question (see the first, second and third) went like this: “Pick one word that describes you and describe why you picked that word.” This is what I said: Stubborn. This is probably not the word I would like to see engraved upon my gravestone. However, if my grandchildren were to be […]

Entrepreneurship Acumen [3 of 7]: Pyramid Principles

The third question (see the first and second) asked me to “Describe an experience in which your capacity for listening resulted in something that made you proud”. This was my answer: In 2004/05, I coordinated a few EU Youth Projects. These projects aim to build understanding between youths from different cultures. One such event was […]

Entrepreneurship Acumen [2 of 7]: Personal Relationships

The second question (read the first) asked me to describe “How I contributed to something bigger than myself and what I learned from it”. This was my answer: After completing my Master’s degree in 2006 I applied, and was hired, for the post of “Senior Web Specialist” at Uniblue Systems Limited, a Swedish software company […]

Entrepreneurship Acumen [1 of 7]: The Birthday Fund

In 2008 I had written 6 one-pagers as part of my application to become an Acumen Fund Fellow. Although I had been shortlisted I did not get the position and subsequently forgot about the whole thing. In the (almost) 3  years since then many things have changed and I somehow now find myself in Cambridge […]

Ethical Business & VRM

Following Monday’s London event I’ve been refining my thoughts about the whole VRM concept. It interests me because it is very closely related to a subject I have a strong interest in: Ethical Entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is one of those topics that polarizes people: some evangelize and others vilify it. Whichever side of the fence you’re […]