Store in a cool, dry place. (Or has TechCrunch lost its crunch?)

I’ve been a fan of TechCrunch for a long time. More specifically, since around mid-2006 I’ve read TechCrunch every day. I’ve found it to be a surprisingly sad experience watching the TechCrunch drama unfold and the company unravel over the last few months. Its been a little bit like watching a close friend go through a terrible […]

Blogging is Dead. WordPress is Dead. Technology is Dead.

Is “Advertising Dead”? Robert Scoble and Guy Kawasaki seem to think so. Michael Arrington thinks that RSS is dead and one of his guest authors thinks that comments are dead. ‘Traditional media’ is also dead (it seems to have died twice in fact) and in case you haven’t heard, Facebook is also dead. What is […]

Advertising, Optimisation and Adaptation: Why advertising is declining

As today’s guest post on TechCrunch discusses, Internet advertising revenues have dropped sharply and the author goes on to say that it [was not] caused solely by the general recession and the decline in retail sales.  Internet advertising will rapidly lose its value and its impact, for reasons that can easily be understood. The article […]

If TechCrunch Says so…

Woke up this morning and wasn’t sure whether being selected for LeWeb, Europe’s largest tech conference, was something I dreamt about. But if TechCrunch says so, it must be true! As I write, we’re planning out the next 28 days to make sure we deliver a brilliant presentation in our 7 minutes and we’ll appreciate […]

Facebook Chat

Facebook announced instant messaging earlier this month as predictably predicted by TechCrunch. I’ve only just had the service activated on my Facebook account hence the delayed “ahh” moment.  Although the IM concept is by no means new (heq hem) I love the way Facebook has implemented their web-based rendition of the service. Elegantly simple and a […]